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I saw this in Sarah's post and couldn't resist reposting it... customized to my taste, of course. This is just too good. :)

These are in no particular order.... Five things I suck at:
1. Accepting Dave's family and ex-wife
2. Saying "no"
3. Focusing on just one thing at a time
4. Making friends
5. Having patience

Five things I'm good at:
1. Cooking
2. Dancing
3. Loving my husband
4. Reading
5. List-making

Five random things about me:
1. I have one brother.
2. I have an extrememly soft heart for dogs.
3. I'm mildly obsessive compulsive (in a good way).
4. I have big plans and not ever enough time to accomplish them all.
5. I've watched the Friends series (the whole thing) 6 times (I own it).

Five things I will not do:
1. Party like a rockstar.
2. Quit trying to 'do it all'.
3. Easily admit when I'm wrong.
4. Give up my love of Georgia.
5. Stop loving my husband.

Five people I have to talk to:
1. Dave
2. Angel
3. Alexis
4. Mom
5. Dad
6. James (yeah, I know.... that's 6)

Five places I'd like to go:
1. Georgia (home, for good)
2. New York
3. Italy
4. Fiji
5. Georgia (haha)

Five celebrity boyfriends:
1. Matthew McConaughey
2. Tim McGraw
3. Brad Pitt
4. Kid Rock
5. Johnny Depp

Five things that annoy me:
1. People who think the wold owes them everything (Dave's family and ex-wife)
2. When you email/call someone and they don't email/call back.
3. Drunks
4. When I clean the house and an hour later it's a disaster again.
5. When I can't figure out what to make for dinner.

Five things that scare me:
1. Flying
2. The thought being without Dave
3. The dark
4. Ghosts
5. German Sheppards

Five things I cannot live without
1. Dave
2. My daughters
3. Pasta
4. Books
5. My computer


Sugar-n-Spice said...

This has nothing to do with your post but I am officially a "Bass" as well. I was thinking you were related to my husband, Stephen Bass lol. How funny is that.