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Are humans really that bad???

In a typical week, I visit our local Dunkin Doughnuts about once or twice. They know me there.... I always order an extra large coffee with extra cream and 7 splendas and either a blueberry cake doughnut (I know so bad for me but it's my once - or twice - a week indulgence) or a bagel.

The man at the window always has a big smile and a "How are you today?" for me. Today I drove through and ordered my usual (coffee and doughnut) and was instructed to pull around, which I did. Unfortunately by the time I'd gotten to the window, I'd uncharacteristically decided I wanted an order of hashbrowns, too. So, after telling the drive-up window guy this and apologizing for being a pain in the ass, he kindly asked me to pull around to wait. I did this of course, thinking "I don't want to hold the line up."

My hashbrowns only took an extra minute or so. One of the other clerks came out to bring them to me and before I could get another "I'm sorry" out, he started apologizing to me. He appologized for asking me to pull around. That got me thinking... are most other people just such jerks that they would have required the apology from this nice man? Would other people have been put out by the fact they were asked to 'pull around'? I mean, it was me being a pain in the ass, so of course I pulled around. I didn't feel like the guy was in the wrong for asking me at all!

It makes me wonder about where the human race is heading. I try so hard to teach my children to be humble, compassionate, and honest people. Am I alone in that? Good god, I hope not.

Does anyone have any thoughts on this?