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Dealing with the office Bitch

I love my job. For many reasons, one being that it reminds me sooo much of when I was head chef and shift manager at a popular chain restaraunt, we'll call it CB. Of course, what I do now is not even in the same industry as food service. I am an executive assistant to the Human Resource Manager in a major Medical Billing Firm. However, my job is a lot like my shift manager job in that I am well known (in an office of over 100 people, everyone knows me), well liked, and most importantly, well respected and looked up to. Aside from that, I feel like I am very good at what I do. Probably because I like it so much.

But here's the thing. There's this woman, let's call her KB, who I swear not only hates me, but is out to tear my carreer down. She is very condescending and rude. I've tried being rude back, but that's just not in my nature. I can't do that. And I don't want to get that kind of reputation.

I looked up some articles online on dealing with people like this. One in particular had me laughing with it's gentle humor but it also struck true. It's a very good article. It says that (and this is something that my pyscaitrist told me of my mother-in-law) some people simply are not capable of 'normal' socially acceptable behaivor. It goes on to explain why this happens (scary) and how to deal with it.

Personally, I'm thinking of putting my whole dog/personal space theory to the test. Not sure what my boss would think when KB tells on me though. Hmmmm.

Truthfully, I need to handle this professionally, but it's getting out of hand. I'm going to be 29 in about 2 weeks. This woman treats me as if I'm an incompetent 13 year old. I am neither and I'm not willing to take her shit anymore.

Does anyone have any more suggestions?


Echo said...

I am going through the same thing and unforntunatly, I don't have much advice. The fact of the matter is that these women are insecure and feel threatened. It is easy to say "just keep doing a good job", but these situations are exhausting and frustrating. Anyway, I hope things work out for you. Good Luck.

Anonymous said...

Hi Babe, as i googled 'how to deal with office bitch',I came across your humorous blog, esp. the part where you'd try to stick your chin to your mom in law. haha! that's awkward! bet's she'll be shocked and startled, eh?

but does that work though? haha!

as for me,im dealing with an uber bitter heart person who simply..can't be nice!and that amazed me. as my whole life, i've been,fortunately, surrounded with people whom are "capable of 'normal' socially acceptable behaviour" in your term. It's to a certain extent that i feel so demoralised just to go to work!

and im more in a difficult spot as she's a senior while im pretty much a newbie. I handed in my resignation letter and she is the reason for that. However, my boss hold me back, which boast my morale a little, and I decided to stay.

you bet, she doesn't change. but the talk I had with the boss is sorta like a pillar to keep me going. I'm still dealing with her every now and then, and at times, she's just hit the nerves. But again, think as that she's just insecure, envious and/or jealous of me/u/us.

I'm not sure if it sorta like self-denial/self-consolation, but it works pretty well too.

Well, just something to share, not much of an advice :)

And I do believe in karma too! Do you? :D


Anonymous said...

i also have this "know-it-all" bitch officemate who has a comment for everything. even the staff from the other department hates her so much. her adoptive parents even told the public during her wedding that they had several parenting books when they were raising her. i cant even imagine what got into the groom's mind that he bet his life for her.

Journies4 said...

There must be one in every office, because we also have one! She is nice to men, but treats the other women in our office like we are all trash. This "woman" brags about everything from her parents money to her Internet dates! She is constantly in the bosses office (a man, of course) flirting with him, laughing at his jokes, and "boobie trapping" his office. We just ignore her and try not to even look at her!!

Anonymous said...

We also have one in our office, but ours is a GAY trying to hide the real gender as if he's a real man but the way he talks to our officemates and to other people, man he's GAY especially when he laughs, as if Beyoncè is laughing around the office. That sucks!! But here's a piece of advise for you. Do what your duties and responsibilities, dont get affected by those stupid bitch officemates. Just remember the love, concerns and respect of all the people around the office (except those stupid bitches) and the wholehearted trust to you by your Bosses. Pray for the Blessings of your job and your career, which is important to you if you have your own family already or for your future if you're a single. God bless. :))