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Fiber One Muffin Mix Review

I’ve been trying to work more fiber into my family’s diet. Namely my oldest daughter, Angel. She has stomach problems and her doctor said that more fiber would help to alleviate this. So among some of the foods and other remedies we’ve been trying, I came across a new product at our grocery store. FiberOne muffin mix.
There are two flavors, Apple Cinnamon and Banana Nut. I picked up the apple cinnamon and crossed my fingers. When I got home, I made them immediately adding about ¼ cup of blueberry flavored ground flaxseed to the mixture. Before pouring them into muffin cups, I tested the batter (force of habit) and was genuinely shocked. It was DELICIOUS~~ So I poured the batter into the muffin tins and baked it according to the package directions. Once they were done and cool enough to eat, I tried one. Again I was floored…. Not only was the taste incredible, but they were MOIST. I just couldn’t believe it. The true vindication came when my picky-as-hell daughter Angel tried one and actually liked it. These babies contain a whopping 20% of the daily fiber suggestion!!! That’s great.

These were so good and not too bad, price wise. We’re going to try the banana nut next. I just wanted to share this with anyone out there who has the same problems as Angel. Her stomach gets blocked and she has such a hard time… but she’s so very picky about what she eats, it’s hard to make her eat healthy (see my Sneaky Ways to add Healthy Foods blog)


Mrs B. said...

I love anything Fiber One! If you haven't already, try their granola bars! My husband and I absolutely love the Oats and Chocolate good and 35% of your daily fiber (9 grams)!